Russell 2000 top weights 2020 Earnings Estimates Climb Higher

In the spreadsheet above I have tracked the earnings estimates for the top weighted Russell 2000 small cap stocks. I have columns for what the 2019 and 2020 estimates (if available) were: 9/17/2019 and today. The column under the date 11/16/2019 has a letter that represents the movement in 2019 earnings estimates since the most recent print (9/17/2019). U means 2019 estimates are UP in the last 60 days. D means 2019 estimates are DOWN in the last 60 days. S means 2019 estimates have remained the SAME in the last 60 days. The column entitled 1yr Target Est is the Wall Street consensus 12 month price target for each stock.

What this table is telling us so far is that estimates have come up nicely in the past 60 days. More estimates went UP for 2019 in the past 60 days than came DOWN 19:6 UP:DOWN ratio. The rest remained the same.

The cumulative 2019 earnings power of these 30 stocks climbed by 2.22% in the past 60 days. 2020 estimates rose .94%.